Favourite food?

I always go for meat if it's on the menu, ribeyes, sirloins, beef, fillets, always delicious if done properly.

Which team do you think will be the next to roll an era after Astralis?

If not us, I would say Liquid. I think they have excellent composure and structure in their games and as well as very good players playing their roles great and in the right way.

Who are your Top 3 players of all time? CS:GO and 1.6.


How old were you when you first started playing Counter-Strike?

I started playing CS when I was around 9 years old and continued to play ever since.

Who did you admire growing up?

Careerwise it was HeatoN, he was my motivation to play CS in the beginning.

What do you think about vertigo and do you think it’ll stay in the map pool?

I have yet to try it out completely but I am open to any map-changes in the game and I think adding Vertigo is just a positive change for the game, it's always fun to try out something new after you play the same maps over and over again in years.

How do you stay positive when you get eliminated in tournaments?

The first few hours is the worst, but I usually forget and refocus for the future after a day or two. I try more to think about the upcoming tournaments and how we should approach differently.

What do you think separates you from other young pros?

I think I got lucky and I'm also fortunate to get the opportunity to play for a top-tier team so early in my career, granting me so much experience for my age. I've learned so much and still got a long road of experiences ahead of me, that's how I feel about it.

Who is the worst to play against in FPL?

Everyone, FPL is so much different from competitive matches so I don't play it that much.

What is your favourite memory in CS:GO, professional or otherwise?

Lifting the Oakland trophy! Crazy feeling.

Next up and coming Swedish player?

Difficult to say, I want my ex-teammate FREDDyFROGG to succeed even further, a really good individual player in my opinion.

What in your opinion are the top 5 things to practise or do in CS:GO to go pro?

Watch top-tier matches and study them, learn how to play your role, watch demos of a top player and try to understand the decisions the player are making and why, communicate efficiently and know all the standard smokes! And also never give up.

Cereal or milk first?

Cereal first for the perfect amount.

What’s the best benefit of being a pro Counter-Strike player?

Meetings fans that admire and support you and travel the world.


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