Few CS:GO players have had as blessed a career as NiKo, the battle-hardened esports beast from Bosnia. We’re lucky enough to have NiKo join us for this edition of ‘Iconic Moments’, to discuss some of the real highlights of his career.


There are plenty of special moments to pick from, many of which have become community favourites. From fantastic ACE's to crazy clutches, NiKo has gifted us with some incredible plays. We get an inside look at the pro’s thoughts on his own top plays, as he walks us through just what happened. And let’s face it: who needs an excuse to watch some of these beauties again?


NiKo first came to prominence during the ESEA Season 18, when his performance with mousesports made him a fan favourite. Now playing for FaZe Clan, NiKo has enjoyed a string of recent successes.


We’re delighted to get to talk to one of the game’s most exciting players. Get closer to the esports you love with Betway – the true home of CSGO betting.