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Interview with MIBR Coldzera

31 Oct | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Interview with MIBR Coldzera

Rob4 is joined by Coldzera at the playoffs of the FACEIT Major in London, talking about some of their previous and upcoming games.

Rob4 is joined by Coldzera at the playoffs of the FACEIT Major in London, where they talk about MiBR’s upcoming game against compLexity, as well as highlighting what when wrong with their match up against Astralis, which ended on a surprising score of 16-0.

Coldzera explains that there was a lack of preparation and that they didn’t play their normal playstyle. At 9-0 they knew that they’d already lost, but that hasn’t dampened their prospects of winning the tournament, as the Major title is still very much within their reach.

Moving on to their upcoming match against compLexity, Coldzera sounds confident, although he does note that compLexity look strong, and the fact that they’re a fairly new team means that the game will be harder to predict and practice for.

Rob4 also touches on the letter Thorin sent to Stewie titled ‘Thorin’s Take: Show Me More – An Open Letter to Stewie’, where he states that Stewie should focus on becoming not just another NA player. Colzera doesn’t seem to think much of Thorin, but praises Stewie, saying that he has brought fresh ideas to the team, and that he has learnt a lot from him.

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