We’re back joining Rob4 and the legendary Olofmeister, at the FACEIT Major in London, as they delve into some interesting points surrounding Olof’s return to the game, as well as how he feels he’s progressing.

Olof starts off by saying it feels good to be back with FaZe. He notes how he has missed the team, as well as playing at a Major, and we genuinely get the impression that he has enjoyed coming back. When asked about his absence, Olof explains that he had told FaZe to find a replacement. His return was something of the unknown, and although he enjoyed hearing of FaZe’s success during his absence, he himself wasn’t playing at all, and was focusing more on resolving his personal matters.

He also offers up some detail on what it takes to get back into the swing of things, which involves “just a lot of playing, I guess”. He states that he doesn’t rely a great deal on his aim, but rather puts more focus on playing off team mates and off their rotations.

Speaking about the teams posing the biggest threats at the tournament, he states that Astralis, North, mousesports, Navi and Liquid are the likeliest teams to throw hurdles in their way.

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