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Dota2’s world leaders go on a rampage at The Summit

17 Nov | BY Suzy Mostaani | MIN READ TIME |
Dota2’s world leaders go on a rampage at The Summit

It may not be the biggest Dota 2 tournament, but it sure is the most outrageous. It is once again time for The Summit...

With such a variety of mad moments, and an uncharacteristically laid-back approach to  tournaments, The Summit has become a nice contrast to the high-profile majors.

Kicking back and breaking down barriers – or, in Arteezy’s case, physically breaking down doors – is a proud and treasured tradition.

It has carved out a place in the community where players, viewers and casters can immerse themselves in the fun side of Dota2.

I mean, will we ever be able to banish the naked image of EternalEnvy sitting in a bath, complaining about how Bleach (the anime) is too long? Would we even want to?

And having pro players casting is just the best.

Not only do their personalities shine through as they give us some valuable insight into the game, they can also be hilarious to listen to.

Merlini’s totally infectious laugh for instance.

It was, after all, him creasing up at DeMoN’s high-risk plays going wrong that brought us ‘classic Jimmy’.

To this day, any ambitious DeMoN play that fails causes fans to break out in choruses of ‘classic Jimmy!’

That laugh, though.

It will be making a return this season, as Merlini will be present once again, along with ppd, KotLGuy, GrandGrant and Fogged.

And what a way to make an entrance. Did you catch TS6’s opening mini intro movie, The Arrival? Equally as important, have you seen Stranger Things?

That show was impressive and fans of the series who saw The Arrival will be torn up over this televisual feast coming to an end all over again.

Sure, it may bring up some painful feelings, but in the wise words of Akasha, “pain builds character”.

Masochism aside, let’s get stuck into the fantasy action.

With the larger Boston Major not far off, The Summit 6 will serve as a delicious appetiser before the main course.

Not that this will be a walk in the park, though.

There are real heavy hitters at The Summit, and – as ever – some scores to settle.

The first game was Wings against Team NP.

The former, current champions of both TI6 and The Summit 5, have just beaten NP 2-0 in the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational finals.

It was shadow’s insanely efficient farming that helped Wings win the BEAT finals.

Take note NP – when you’re up against one of the best carries in the world, you’ve got to make your picks wisely.

Sour grapes then? Maybe, but NP just lost their first series of TS6 to Wings in a brutal rematch. Did NP ever really stand that much of a chance of avenging themselves?

Well, they did put up a good fight, but… no. Wings destroyed them in their typically erratic style, helped in part by excellent drafting.

Wings’ record of wins this year marks them out as the most obvious favourites.

They’re also popular with the Dota2 community, partly because of their entertaining play style and diversity of picks.

Will they give the meta the finger once again and dismantle the competition as they did at The Summit 5?

We don’t know yet, but if we’re going to be seeing plays like Faith-Bian’s audacious Aegis steal against OG at the TS5 finals, then get reacquainted with edge of your seat.

Now, we all know The Summit is a laid back tournament, but EHOME, don’t nod off at the wheel. 

Their opening match against Virtus.Pro saw them make some questionable picks, and old chicken made a plethora of mistakes. I guess birds of a feather go down together?

If they continue in the same vein, the Chinese team may end up hiding in a toy cupboard, or staring at the stars croaking, “EHOME GOHOME!”

They’d better start thinking Predator rather than ET if they want to compete.

OG are also serious contenders, and have had a good year. They’ll first be facing Digital Chaos, the TI6 runners up.

Given recent performances, DC have been unconvincing, but you can never rule anything out at The Summit.

With The Summit 6 now underway, we’re just glad for a little light relief, which has been in short supply in 2016.



Suzy Mostaani

eSports writer who specialises in League of Legends and Hearthstone as well as contributing to gaming website

Suzy Mostaani

eSports writer who specialises in League of Legends and Hearthstone as well as contributing to gaming website