As anyone who remembers hitting Down, R, Up, L, Y and B to unlock Championship Mode on Streetfighter II will tell you, cheating has been part of gaming for a very long time. But there’s no room for rose-tinted nostalgia in the modern esports arena. With million-dollar prize pools on the line, cheating is equivalent to fraud and Valve’s Anti-Cheat System is a stony-hearted judge and jury, capable of ending a career in a nanosecond (just ask QKLY).


So, what do the pros think? Do they ever feel any sympathy toward those found to be cheating? Are some hacks worse than others? Does the culprit’s age make a difference? Find out in our latest video, as Betway’s Rob Clarkson chats to CS:GO stars such as rain, mertz and NAF to find out if there should ever be a way back after you’ve been banned through VAC.