Bringing together an all-star roster of the most popular esports streamers in Brazil, global online betting and gaming company Betway is proud to announce the ‘Betway Squad.’

Joining together to deliver entertaining content for the Brazilian community, Host of Baianalista, Baiano will be joined by gaming entertainer Sheviii2k, League of Legends educator Daniels, ex-professional player esA and all-rounder AXT.

With unrivaled knowledge and loyal supporters spanning across multiple esports titles, the personalities will engage with their fan bases on their streams and Betway TV, the bookmaker’s popular Twitch channel. BetwayTV will be a hub for activity offering exclusive content, giveaways and education on responsible betting all under the Betway banner. It will also be where fans can watch parties and experience multi-game coverage on the platform that will bring the ambassadors closer to the community than ever before.

The announcement further demonstrates Betway’s commitment to the Brazilian esports scene and solidifies the company’s position as a market leader.

Paul Adkins, Betway’s Marketing & Operations Director said: “We are thrilled to announce the ‘Betway Squad’ which brings together the most renowned and well-loved names in the esports community and we are excited to see the content they produce.”