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4 To Frag

Simply guess the first 4 players to get a frag/kill in our 4 selected games to have a chance to win £5,000 in our brand-new, free-to-play prediction game.

09 Apr | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
4 To Frag

Introducing 4 To FragBetway’s brand-new, free-to-play prediction game where you have the chance to win £5,000 for knowing your opening fraggers.

How To Play

The game is simple, we will pick 4 games from an upcoming tournament or event and your job is to predict which player will get the first frag/kill in each of these games. If you guess all the first frags correctly, you will win a share of £5,000 depending on how many other players have the same picks as you.

Pretty s1mple right?

To register your picks, simply click here and make your selections. 

If you have a Betway account, just follow the login process after making your picks or simply register an account if you don’t have one. You’re required to have a Betway account to play the game.

Your predictions must be submitted before the first eligible match of the round, starts. You can view eligible matches here.

If you have any other questions about 4 To Frag, you can find the FAQ page here.