England are just exceptional

That England performance ranks right up there. It was convincing as anything because that India team is star-studded. To beat them as convincingly as they did was spectacular. They didn't let India into the game at all.

There was no doubt in my mind when India posted that score. When you're chasing 169 on a good Adelaide Oval wicket, it's an easy game. One batter just needs to get 70-odd off 50 balls and the game is over. It's a simple run chase.

Adil Rashid was as good as he has ever been, and that's what you expect from him. Mark Wood is out injured, you think England are going to struggle in the middle overs, and Rashid comes in puts in a brilliant performance.

I don't think there's much India could have done. England are just exceptional. They've got every single box ticked. Rohit Sharma said before the game they would target England’s weaknesses. I don't see a weakness, and I understand the game of cricket quite well. Fast bowling, sorted. Spinning, sorted. Unorthodoxy, sorted. Batting, sorted. There's absolutely no weakness there.

Pakistan will be bricking it

Pakistan will be petrified. They will be absolutely bricking it, purely based on what England just delivered.

They did a very good job against New Zealand, they were convincing. But New Zealand are a good side, they're not a great side. I don't think Kane Williamson is a T20 player, and his run-a-ball innings just doesn't serve the team to go on and win a tournament.

Pakistan were up for it, and when they get the opportunity that can be ruthless. However, they also have the Williamson effect to think about. You don't want to be handicapped by batters that score too slowly, and there has been that conversation around the Pakistan batting lineup.

England will trust Jordan completely

England have got the strength and they've got the depth, so there will be no issues if Wood misses the final.

I've watched Chris Jordan in The Hundred, I've watched him in the IPL, I've watched him for England. He's a fabulous cricketer. He's a really, really solid performer and he's trusted by his teammates with the ball. He's a great team man, he delivers when he’s needed, and he has the safest hands in world cricket.

That alone is one of the reasons to keep him in. You might need a catch to win a World Cup at the MCG on Sunday, and there's one bloke in the whole world you want under it: Chris Jordan.

Pakistan’s only hope

Pakistan need to hope that England self-destruct by being reckless and overconfident. I think it's an incredible strength that they can just go out there and play the way that they do, but we do know there's one thing that can happen to this England team – they can get rolled over for none, because it's a sixathon.

That's the only thing that I can see derailing England, and that's what Pakistan need to hope for, because I don't think they can derail England themselves.

Prediction for the final

It’s about whoever deals with the capacity crowd at the MCG the best on Sunday. To deal with that crowd, you need to know that you've got every single base covered. England have every base covered. Do Pakistan? I'm not so sure.

I think England will win. Whether it will be convincing in a World Cup final, I'm not so sure, although we pretty much smashed Australia in 2010 in Barbados.

I’m predicting a comfortable win for England.