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Jorge Capetillo: Fury’s cut will heal in time for Usyk fight

03 Apr | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Jorge Capetillo: Fury’s cut will heal in time for Usyk fight
Source: Alamy Stock Photo

Tyson Fury's cutman says the heavyweight champion is in good spirits and will be ready to go ahead of his undisputed title fight with Oleksandr Usyk on 18 May.

Tyson Fury’s cutman Jorge Capetillo spoke to Betway about The Gypsy King’s recovery from a cut he suffered in sparring in February.

The cut, which reportedly required significant stitching, forced Fury’s undisputed heavyweight title fight with Oleksandr Usyk to be postponed from 17 February to 18 May.

With the fight now just six weeks away, Capetillo has provided an update on Fury’s recovery and his thoughts on whether the cut could reopen and become a problem during the showdown with Usyk.

Is Tyson Fury in good spirits ahead of the fight on May 18?

JC: We spoke a week ago and Tyson is in good spirits, he’s positive and has a great attitude. I think he’s going to be in the best shape of his life. He was in training camp before unfortunately getting cut but he has a strong mind and is ready to go on 18 May for sure. The cut is healing very well, and he is very excited about this fight to become undisputed champion of the world.

How long before he can get back to sparring?

JC: The fight is going to be in May so he should be going back to sparring in two or three weeks’ time but the good thing is, he has been active with fighting Francis Ngannou recently and for him to get the distance and timing again is going to be easy because he has remained in the gym. Activity is the key and it’s his advantage for the fight.

Could the cut re-open during the fight?

JC: There’s always a possibility that it could happen, but Tyson has to do what he is good at with his distance, reach, not trying to knock him out in one punch but set him up with big punches by using feints and his footwork and IQ in the ring. It is a matter of good timing, reach and his footwork.

For a heal, it should take like 90 days but it’s been 60 days or more since the cut so I am sure with the right treatment, he should be ready for May 18 and soon he can start with some light sparring, nothing hard but to get the reach and distance right. It is more important than power punches with reach and timing. He’ll probably be ready for sparring in the next couple of weeks.

Tyson has to treat the cut well before the fight and do sparring sessions with nice head gear and start with nothing crazy to make sure he doesn’t get hit hard so it doesn’t re-open but I’m going to put emphasis on this, he needs his reach and timing right and if they are on point, it is game over for Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson will be on top.

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