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George Groves: Fury has never fancied Usyk fight

16 Apr | news | BY Betway Insider | MIN READ TIME |
George Groves: Fury has never fancied Usyk fight
Source: Alamy Stock Photo

The former super-middleweight world champion discusses the upcoming undisputed heavyweight title showdown, as well as several other upcoming fights.

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 Do you believe the fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will go ahead?

I’ve said since the start – I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t think Fury has ever fancied the Usyk fight. He’s talking about having 10 more fights, but if he loses to Usyk how does that work? It’s a massive risk for him to fight Usyk. He’s probably really hoping that Usyk can’t take a body shot. 

When the fight got postponed after the cut, I wasn’t surprised. It gave me the feeling that this fight will never happen. I’d be interested to know what media have paid upfront for their flights, or whether they’re holding off. 

We saw Eddie Hearn almost say that Joshua-Fury trumps Fury-Usyk after AJ beat Ngannou. I thought to myself, I bet Fury would rather have a bit of Joshua than Usyk because he’ll see that as an easier fight. People are starting to consider that AJ beats Fury after both of their performances against Ngannou, so it would not be a surprise if Fury wants to set the record straight and fight Joshua next and leave Usyk out. 

The Saudis or the WBC aren’t going to pressure Fury to fight Usyk, so maybe he’s thinking he will go down the Ngannou route again, or fight Joshua. That’s the fight everyone really wants to see. I don’t believe if he pulls out he’s going to have to pay a $10million fine. Usyk is probably thinking ‘I don’t know if this guy is going to show up’ because there’s still a chance Fury pulls out. 

Who do you think will win the fight between Joshua Buatsi and Anthony Yarde?

It’s the right next fight for both, the world titles are tied up. It’s very marketable, it’s two Brits and if Yarde has parted with Frank Warren then I expect it to land on Sky as a PPV show. Whether that’s a standalone PPV, I’m not sure. You hope that’s a fight that crosses over to the mainstream but I’d like to see more personality, for sure. They seem like fascinating characters but Yarde has been a bit guarded at times. Buatsi has followed the Joshua model, but Joshua is a one of a kind so it’s a tough way to make yourself a PPV fighter if you’re going to be a little bit reserved and work on your boxing. We need to see a little bit more. Yarde is a dangerous puncher but he might get out hustled by Buatsi. He’s probably the favourite.

Gennady Golovkin has indicated that he’s retired. Would you have beaten him?

Martin Murray said after our fight that I hit harder than Golovkin. That was a feather in my cap. If I would have ever had the chance to fight GGG I would have had to have had my wits about me, you would have to stop him stalking you. He was great at making small adjustments to get into range, then he’d detonate on you. It would be a mental battle where you can’t switch off for a second, but I’d have bashed him up. I’d have kept it long and busted him up. 

Who wins the fight between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia?

I think Haney beats Garcia. They’re both good talents but Garcia has got that quit in him, and he’s all over the place on social media. I think Haney is working hard, but I don’t know how Garcia can be. Maybe that’s the curse of a massive following on social media, it’s too distracting and you have to live up to it. Haney wins. 

Does Zhilei Zhang have a chance against Deontay Wilder?

Zhang beats Wilder. Zhang came in really heavy against Parker and just ran out of steam. Maybe he will bide his time and try to chin him late, but I think Zhang wins. The problem for Wilder is, once you’ve had a big payday you start to see the softer side of life. And when you start earning really good money, the fight leaves you. In the gym, Wilder always looks really good, but he can let you down. On fight night he sometimes doesn’t perform and he looks like a novice. 

Who should Wayne Rooney fight if he gets into boxing?

Rooney is a Carl Froch fan by all accounts. He came to the Wembley fight to support Froch in one of the boxes, so I’m not training Rooney for a fight. But if he does fight I’d want Jamie Vardy. He should settle the score with him. 

How would Anthony Joshua fare against David Haye in his prime?

Joshua would have beaten David Haye. Haye has massive one punch power, but look at their resumes at heavyweight – they are night and day. Joshua would win. Haye would want to keep it double distance and look to strike. Joshua has been a bit static, but I’d have to go AJ. 

Betway Insider

Betway Insider

The Insider is an editorial blog for Betway, one of the best betting sites, featuring sporting insight, intelligent comment and informed betting tips for football betting and all other major sports.

Betway Insider

Betway Insider

The Insider is an editorial blog for Betway, one of the best betting sites, featuring sporting insight, intelligent comment and informed betting tips for football betting and all other major sports.