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What is an accumulator ‘acca’ bet? Find out how accumulators work

19 Mar | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
What is an accumulator ‘acca’ bet? Find out how accumulators work

What is an accumulator bet? Our guide explains it all.

What is an accumulator?

An accumulator is a single bet that involves several selections.

While doubles (two selections) and trebles (three selections) do count as an accumulator, the term generally applies to a bet that includes four or more selections.

In a standard accumulator, all of your selections must win in order for the bet to land.

The beauty of an accumulator is that putting all of your selections into one bet quickly increases the odds. If you make several selections, you need only stake a small amount of money to give yourself a chance of a big win.

Of course, it also increases the risk. Just one of your selections would have to not win in order for the whole bet to lose.

Accumulators are not restricted to football. They are popular in tennis, cricket, rugby and several other sports.

How do accumulator bets work?

By putting together an accumulator, you increase your odds with each selection.

For example, you may fancy these four selections:

  • Chelsea to beat Arsenal – 2/1
  • Liverpool to beat Man City – 2/1
  • Man Utd to beat Tottenham – 3/1
  • Everton to beat Wolves – 4/1

By backing them all individually, you limit your returns – i.e. £10 on Chelsea to beat Arsenal at 2/1 would return a £20 profit.

Backing Chelsea to beat Arsenal at 2/1 and Liverpool to beat Man City at 2/1 in a double would see your odds rise to 5/1. A £10 bet on this double would return a £50 profit.

Backing all four of your selections in one accumulator, however, would produce odds of 120/1. A £10 bet on the four-fold accumulator would return a profit of £1200.

How to place an accumulator bet

On the Betway site or mobile app, placing an accumulator is easy.

Simply make as many selections as you would like – they will appear in your betslip as you are going along.

Once you have finished making your selections, go to your betslip.

You may be presented with several ways of backing your selections (doubles, trebles, a Lucky 31 or others, which are easy to understand but we won’t explain here), but backing an accumulator is the easiest.

Type your stake into the box directly below your selections. If you have made five selections (like the example above), it will be called a five-fold. If you have made six selections, it will be called a six-fold. And so on.

You can check out our accumulator tips for football and other sports on the Betway Insider.

Good luck with your accumulators!

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