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Where next for valde?

26 May | BY Suzy Mostaani | MIN READ TIME |
Where next for valde?

The Danish talent could be a prime candidate for a host of top teams...

Ideal, Practical and Wildcard: Where valde Could go now and why

With 0.76 kills per round and a HLTV rating of 1.12, Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså is one of the most promising players to hail from the current Danish scene.

With his departure from Heroic in mind, we’ve picked three teams that we feel would provide a good home to this talented rifler: an ideal destination providing the optimal environment for him to thrive, a more practical scenario, and a wildcard option.

Dream: North

North are in a good place at the moment, ranking 6th on HTLV. For valde, it would be a stimulating move if he were to ascend to a tier one team. Heroic have ever been in the shadow of their Danish brothers, so a move to an all-Danish speaking team would be a sound choice.

At the moment, North could see improvement in two aspects of their game: consistency to stabilise their overall performance, and improvement on their CT side. While valde could provide stability he will need time to adapt to playing larger events and tier one teams on a regular basis.

If he were to come in, it would make the most sense to replace North’s most recent acquisition, aizy. While on paper, aizy is the more experienced player and possesses more raw skill, that isn’t something North are lacking. North’s main predicament is how do they fill the hole left by rubino? The answer could be valde, his calm playing style and ability to clutch makes him a prime candidate.

Realistic: mousesports

Mousesports have been making significant improvements recently, and are slated for ESL One Cologne. After a patchy spell, their recent addition of the talented young Estonian Ropz helped catapult them to 3rd place at DreamHack Tours earlier this month.

While their new line-up has got off to good start, there is room for improvement. This, therefore, could be an inspired move for valde, enabling him to hone his performance.

While denis has been putting in a good showing, valde surpasses him in a few areas. Comparing the two players over the past three months, valde’s overall rating sits at 1.03 compared to 0.97 for denis.

When you look at each player’s overall career, the gap widens even more, at 1.12 to 0.94. valde is also clearly the superior fragger, with a difference of 0.12 between the two player’s overall kills per round (compared to a difference of 0.3 for deaths).

In fact, valde’s death rate is something he’s indicated he’d like to work on, and coming into a team with some consistency and strategy could help him.

valde has formulated that he works better in a team that plays a tactical game, and his delivery sometimes suffers if no one steps up to the plate when it’s a close match.

mouz’s performance at DreamHack showed a lot of promise and adding another consistent fragger could solidify a tier 1 status.

Wildcard: OpTic

For valde, OpTic would be a particularly nice fit if he were to cross the pond and make the move to an NA team.

With a little speculation, we can envision a team dynamic that looks pretty decent. NAF as in-game leader, Tarik and valde as a deadly rifler combo, Mixwell as AWP… It would certainly help OpTic to dominate NA CSGO and compete with EU teams.

It would be worth considering axing JasonR to make room for valde; when you look at JasonR’s recent performances (past three months), it’s easy to see that he’s not delivering, especially on kills.

There’s a wide gap between JasonR’s 0.59 kills per round to valde’s 0.73, and his HLTV recent rating of 0.85 also marks him out as by far the weakest link on an otherwise solid team.

It’s a pretty far-out possibility, but one that could pay dividends.



Suzy Mostaani

eSports writer who specialises in League of Legends and Hearthstone as well as contributing to gaming website

Suzy Mostaani

eSports writer who specialises in League of Legends and Hearthstone as well as contributing to gaming website