• Whether it is possible to get onside with Gareth Southgate just because he wears open-collared shirts and gives impressive press conferences.
  • Southgate as a company man and whether that perception has altered over the last week or so.
  • Why the former international defender is a "solid citizen" who can stand up for himself, and how that makes him the right man for the job full-time.
  • What the role of a "festering" Wayne Rooney should be in England's next two games and beyond.
  • Why Southgate, like Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, might be better off giving Rooney "enough rope to hang himself" with.
  • Tottenham's win over Manchester City and the trouble Pep Guardiola has with his full-backs.
  • The qualities Bob Bradley will bring as Swansea manager, and why the club's owners might have opted for the American over Ryan Giggs.
  • Some highlights from his career, including the best game he has been to - both as a reporter and a fan - and his favourite ever interview.

In addition to the usual fun and games, Alan shares an amusing Arsene Wenger anecdote in celebration of the Arsenal manager's 20-year anniversary.