Tony Evans joins host Tom Bowles and resident tipster Alan Alger for episode 25 of the Betway Insider Podcast.

Evans - the former Times football editor who now writers for the Evening Standard and ESPN discusses:

  • Why he thought Sam Allardyce would survive as England manager.
  • Whether "entrapment" won and if he has sympathy for Big Sam.
  • The Telegraph's investigation and why it made him feel "queasy".
  • The FA's culpability in regards to Allardyce and other allegations of corruption.
  • How publications go about rolling such carefully-planned, heavily-invested story.
  • Whether relationships between journalists from different outlets become strained when professional pride is at stake.
  • Who England's next manager will be.
  • Liverpool owner John Henry's curious comments regarding expanding Anfield.
  • Jurgen Klopp's appearance on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football.
  • The form of Theo Walcott and the eagerness of modern-day supporters to come to immediate conclusions.

In addition to the weekly predictions and his bet of the weekend, Alan reveals how the bookies reacted to the Allardyce story - and why it might be Arsene Wenger who replaces him.