One customer landed a £10,000 jackpot on Thursday thanks to 4 To Win, Betway’s free-to-play prediction game.

Lee Taylor, a train manager from Peterborough, scooped the prize after correctly predicting the winning horses in four chosen races at Chester.

The victory was complete when Idaho rode to victory in 15.35, but the 39-year-old was unable to revel in the winning feeling immediately.

4 TO WIN: 10/05/18 RESULTS

13.50: Chester - A Momentofmadness (11/4 - 659 picked)

14.25: Chester - Rostropovich (5/2 - 445 picked)

15.00: Chester - Another Batt (5/1 - 312 picked)

15.35: Chester - Idaho (8/11 - 1186 picked)

“I didn’t get the chance to watch it all unfold as I had a dentist appointment,“ he said.

“I chose the horses out of pure luck. I just picked a few that had good recent finishing positions, but pretty much at random.”

Taylor is doing what he can to ensure that his victory – aided by victories for A Momentofmadness, Rostropovich and Another Batt earlier in the day – is not a one-off.

“I joined Betway during the Cheltenham Festival because of the great offers,” he said. “I try to play 4 To Win every day, and I also really like the 4 To Score football game.

“I love my racing and try to go as much as possible on my days off.”

But Lee isn’t getting carried away, and will wait before spending his winnings.

“I haven’t decided what to do with the money yet, but it’s a great time of year to have a bit of spare cash to spend on nice things.”

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