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Manager: Jack Green

Team: Lac of Klaassen


Big decisions:

An early wildcard decision brought about my most successful week of the season so far, so there’s no need for much change here.

In fact, the only transfer I’ve made was enforced by Sadio Mane’s red card.

I’ve replaced the Senegalese with Mo Salah. A boring move, perhaps, but one that makes plenty of sense given that Liverpool are playing Burnley at home.

Harry Kane rewarded my faith in him last week and I can see Spurs going on a little run now that their various hoodoos seem to have come to an end.

He retains his place alongside Firmino and Vardy up top, as well as the captain’s armband.

Manager: Tom Bowles

Team name: Pascal Vegan


Big decisions:

As promised, I played my wildcard last week. Sadly, my decision to captain Sadio Mane rather than Harry Kane backfired spectacularly. The injury to Paul Pogba didn’t help, either.

This week, I’m breaking my one golden rule of never taking a four-point hit, albeit with good reason.

Pogba’s gone, obviously, but I’ve decided to retain Mane, even though he can’t play for two matches (one of his suspended games is Liverpool’s EFL Cup tie against Leicester). Willian, however, is dispensable.

So, in come the in-form Maraoune Fellaini, who’s a snip at £4.9m, and Kevin De Bruyne, who I stupidly transferred out seven days ago after his lean start to the season.

Welcome back, Kev. All is forgiven.

Manager: Will Rook

Team name: Sheffield Old Boys


Big decisions:

Having only brought Sadio Mane in last week, I was hoping his stay in the team would last a little longer than one game.

But rather than completely get rid, I’m just relegating him to the bench until his suspension is over and giving Nathaniel Chalobah a run out for a couple of weeks.

Elsewhere, Paul Pogba’s injury came at the most inconvenient of times. Henrikh Mkhitaryan comes in to replace him, though, so I shouldn’t lose out on many points there.

Finally, given his two clean sheets on the spin, Rob Elliot has earned the number one jersey. Hopefully nerves don't get the better of him.

Manager: Tom Clee

Team name: The Cleegulls


Big decisions:

I’m not going to lie, my head’s gone.

I succumbed to peer pressure in playing my wildcard last week and decided to build my team around Sadio Mane rather than Harry Kane.

Ain’t that a kick in the head?

After four goals in his two games since, I’ve got no choice but to bring Tottenham’s talisman straight back in at a cost of four points.

Marouane Fellaini is a downgrade on Willian, but he does at least offer some sort of goal threat in his own inimitable way, and allows me to sit tight and wait for Mane’s ban to be over.

I’ll admit five at the back looks a little conservative, but Spurs, United and West Brom all have decent chances of a clean sheet at home.

Christopher Schindler and Harry Maguire also have more chance of bagging points against each other than Robbie Brady at Anfield or Richarlison against Manchester City.

Not pretty, I know, but that’s the hole I’ve dug for myself. Now let’s try and get myself out of it.

Manager: Adam Drury

Team name: Another New Dawn


No big upheaval for me this week, with last week’s minor improvement poised to continue.

All four of my stellar midfielders should start and collects goals/assists points, while I’m hoping I can make ground on those fools who discarded Harry Kane during the international break.

At some stage, I may have to redress the fact that none of my defenders are likely to every carry their weight.  

For now, I hope one or two of them can secure clean sheets, and that I make my points elsewhere.