What is it?

The draw to determine the groups at Euro 2020.

When is it?

The draw will take place on Saturday 30 November at 17:00 (GMT) in Bucharest.

Who will it include?

The draw will include the 20 teams that have automatically qualified for Euro 2020 and the 16 teams that have earned a place in the Nations League play-offs.

Only four of those teams will ultimately take part in the tournament.

How will the draw be seeded?

The seeding for the draw will be based entirely on a team’s record in qualifying and has nothing to do with their performance in the Nations League.

Group winners are ranked from 1–10, second-placed sides from 11-20 and the four play-off winners from 21-24.

Teams are then placed into four pots of six nations based on that ranking.

Belgium, England, Italy, Spain, Ukraine and Germany will make up Pot 1 as the six group winners with the best record.

Pot 2 will then be made up of the other four group winners and the two best runners-up, and so on.

Each of the four play-off winners will slot into the final four spots in Pot 4.

One team from each pot will then be drawn into the six groups.

Are there any teams that can’t meet each other?

The following teams cannot be drawn together in a group, but can meet in knock-out rounds:

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo

Russia and Kosovo

Serbia and Kosovo

Ukraine and Russia

How will the groups look?

This is where it gets complicated.

The groups of the host nations that manage to qualify for the tournament are pre-determined, which means:

Group A will contain Italy.

Group B will contain Russia and Denmark.

Group C will contain the Netherlands.

Group D will contain England and Scotland (if they qualify through the play-offs).

Group E will contain Spain and Republic of Ireland (if they qualify through the play-offs).

Group F will contain Germany and Hungary (if they qualify through the play-offs).

That just leaves Group B and Group C without a Pot 1 team, so those spaces will be filled by Belgium and Ukraine.

Ukraine must go into Group C with the Netherlands, given that they cannot face Russia.

In turn, Belgium have to be drawn into Group B as the only remaining option.

What about the Nations League play-offs?

The draw for the play-offs was made on 22 November at 11:00 (GMT) and the games will be played on 26 and 31 March.

There will 16 teams competing for the four remaining spots at the tournament, with one team qualifying from each of the sections that correspond to Leagues A–D from the Nations League.

There will be a one-legged semi-final and a final in each four leagues. In the semi-finals, the best-ranked team will host the fourth-ranked team and the second-ranked team will host the third-ranked.

The winners of each four finals will qualify for Euro 2020 and take the final four spaces in Pot 4.

When will the tournament take place?

Euro 2020 will run from 12 June to 12 July.

The opening game is scheduled to kick off at 20:00 (GMT) at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and will definitely feature Italy.

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