Two customers shared the £250,000 jackpot this weekend after winning 4 To Score, our weekly prediction game.

Richard, a West Ham fan from Colchester, and Clark, from Essex, scooped £125,000 each after predicting the first goalscorer in four selected Premier League matches last weekend.

Christian Eriksen’s goal for Tottenham in the North London derby on Sunday secured the prize, after West Ham’s Sebastien Haller, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane and Everton’s Richarlison had previously opened the scoring in their respective matches.

Richard was both battling for the jackpot and, in a remarkable twist of fate, for personal pride.

“My best mate, and best man at my wedding, had the same first three players as me,” he said.

“But then he had Son rather than Eriksen. He was made up for me, but felt sick for himself. It was incredible.”

Richard gave plenty of thought to each of his picks, but initially thought he’d been let down by the first goalscorer in Burnley v Liverpool.

“I was travelling back from the West Ham game on Saturday evening, and I thought Trent Alexander-Arnold had got the first goal,” he said.

“It was only later that I realised that Alexander-Arnold's was an own goal, so Mane's goal counted as the first.

“Mane seems to be underrated among Liverpool players. I hoped Richarlison would be on penalties, and I thought Eriksen would be a pick that not many people would have after all the transfer rumours.”

Richard, who works in the leisure industry, plays our free-to-play football and horse racing games on a weekly basis, but still can’t believe that he’s actually won one.

“I thought the phone call was a wind-up,” he said. “It absolutely blew me away once I realised.

“I bet with Betway because of West Ham. You’re the best sponsor we’ve ever had, and I’m not just saying that.

“I’ve got a couple of 4 To Score selections right in the past, including Mark Noble’s penalty at Watford a week earlier.

“I now want to invest in a business idea that I’ve had for a while. Other than that, I plan to treat my family.”

Fellow winner Clark, also a West Ham fan from Essex, was equally shocked by his victory after also thinking he had been eliminated after Burnley v Liverpool.

“I thought I was already out because of Alexander-Arnold, then I checked the rules and realised own goals don’t count,” he said.

“I still didn’t know if I was in with a chance, though.”

The 20-year-old plays 4 To Score every week, but admitted he has only ever managed one correct selection before.

“I was not getting much luck with the typical goalscorers, so I thought I would change it up a little.

“Haller has been excellent in his first few games, I really rate Mane, but Richarlison was a bit of a shot in the dark.”

“I thought Eriksen would get back in the Tottenham team because it was such a big match for them.”

Clark, who works in insurance, already has specific plans for his £125k prize.

“I’m going to save the majority to put a deposit on a house for the future.”

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