Astralis – Liverpool


Astralis are currently ranked No.2 in the world but have, by all accounts, been the best CS:GO team around over the last two years.

Like Liverpool, who are set to follow up last season’s Champions League triumph with a first Premier League title, the Danish outfit have won the last three CS:GO Majors in a row.

With all players fulfilling an important role, Astralis are a team with no weaknesses that have become, in many people’s opinion, the greatest CS:GO team of all time.

Natus Vincere – Manchester City

media Source: HLTV

Natus Vincere, widely known as Na’Vi, are currently ranked as the best CS:GO team in the world, but that No.1 status doesn’t tell the whole story.

Despite their constant success, Na’Vi are yet to win a Major tournament, mirroring Manchester City’s failure to clinch a maiden Champions League title.

Reliance on star players s1imple and Electronic can sometimes hurt their chances, much like City tend to struggle without Kevin De Bruyne and Sergio Aguero.

FaZe Clan – Manchester United

media Source: HLTV

Like Manchester United, FaZe Clan are a big name who have failed to deliver in recent years.

Both the American esports outfit and the Malcom Glazer-owned Red Devils have made several big moves in the transfer market, very few of which have worked out as hoped.

They do, however, both boast some serious firepower – FaZe have two previous world No.1 players in olofmeister and coldzera, while United can still call upon the likes of Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes.

FaZe also boast a large following thanks to their success in other esports, meaning many support them for the name without actually knowing much about CS:GO.

Ninjas in Pyjamas - Arsenal

media Source: HLTV

Just as Arsenal’s Invincibles ripped up the Premier League many years ago, NIP compiled the greatest unbeaten streak ever seen in CS:GO when they went 87 maps unbeaten between 2012 and 2013.

Yet such success has deserted both teams in recent years, with club legends Arsene Wenger and GeT_RiGhT both sticking around for slightly too long.

There are, however, signs of promise for both outfits this season, with some talented young players providing a much-needed spark.

G2 - Chelsea

media Source: HLTV

G2 are a team that have struggled to settle on a roster that works for them over the past couple of years, with their previous success fading further and further into the past.

However, much like Frank Lampard’s Chelsea, it is their younger players that have helped them to rediscover some form.

The recent additions of hunter- and nexa – two extremely exciting prospects – could help return them to former glories.

Team Liquid - Tottenham

media Source: HLTV

Liquid spent the last few years as a close challenger to Astralis, winning plenty of plaudits along the way.

After a historic 2019 which brought both teams closer to the top than ever before – namely Liquid’s Intel Grand Slam and Tottenham’s run to the Champions League final – this year has not been quite as successful.

Disastrous campaigns so far mean that squads that have been together for several years – Nitr0 and EliGE have been with Liquid since 2015 – may now be on the verge of collapse.

Mousesports - Leicester

media Source: HLTV

Within the space of six months between July 2016 and February 2017, both Mousesports and Leicester City lost their star players – N’Golo Kante to Chelsea and NiKo to FaZe Clan.

Both outfits have been trying to rebuild ever since and, after a few mediocre years, are finally thriving under experienced leaders who know how to get the most out of their squads.

100 Thieves – Sheffield United

media Source: HLTV

Despite being newcomers into the world of CS:GO, 100 Thieves have punched above their weight so far after reaching the semi-finals of the Berlin Major in 2019.

A quick glance at their roster would suggest they have no chance of competing with elite, yet they continue to prove everyone wrong.

BIG – West Ham

media Source: HLTV

BIG are a team with a passionate fanbase and who are slowly on the up after making some big changes in recent months.

The German outfit have enjoyed a solid start to 2020 with a win in the DH Open Leipzig and hope to continue that success in future tournaments.

They are ably led by the talismanic Tabsen – a Mark Noble-esque figure – who ensures their young players step up when required.

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